Digital Wireless Reverse Camera Transmitter with 4 PIN Connector

Model No.:FA-W2

Digital Wireless Reverse Camera Transmitter with 4 PIN Connector

This Device is for Car Rear view Monitor/Camera, it usually used for truck or commercial vehicles, it is 2.4GHz Digital wireless, it is easy installed and make your camera become a wireless camera.

Power Supply:  +8~+28V
Current Consumption: 210mA, Max.230mA
Operating Temperature: -10~+60 ºC
Storing Temperature: -30~+85 ºC
Operating humidity:85%RH
Latency: 150mS Max.
Resolution: VGA:640X480/D1:720X480
Frame Rate: VGA:30f/s/D1: 25f/s
Video Decode: MPEG4
Video in System: PAL/NTSC Auto detection
Voice Sample Rate: 16KHz/16BIT DAC ADPCM/PCM
Voice Frequecny Band: 20Hz~20KHz
ID/ BIT Pairing: 22(4KK)
SYSTEM Architecture: RISC(32Bit) SOC
Operation Frequency: 2400 ~ 2525MHz
RF Impedance: 50Ω, Typ.
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio : 2:1
Output Power: 20dBm with Power control
RF Bit Rate: 4Mbps
Modulation: FSK/GFSK
Spread Spectrum: FHSS
Overlapping Hopping Channel: 125
Hopping Rate: 1200/S
CRCCheck Bit: 16
Line of Sight Range:  >200M
Receiving Sensitivity: -88dBm@4MHZ
RSSI Level: 4
Video Output impedance: 75Ω, Typ.
Video Output Level: 1V p-p , Typ.
Video Polarity: NEGATIVE
Video Frequency Respone: ±5 dB, Max. 50Hz ~ 6MHz
Audio Output impedance: 200KΩ, Typ.
Audio Output Level: 5mv~0.2V p-p , Typ.
S/N(340Hz ~ 3.4kHz:  63dB, Min
THD: (340Hz~ 3.4kHz,0.5 p-p ) 5 %, Max
Size: 80(L)X41(W)X18(H)

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