Remote Control Automatic Car Cover

Model No.:FA-888

This smart automatic car cover is remote control, with a car jump starter inside.

FA-888 Features:
1.Intelligent Design, Remote Control, Easy to use
2.Anti-theft Car Alarm
3.Suitable for 500+ different cars
4.Built-in Car Jump Starter
5.Rechargeable Battery, can charge about 1000 times
6.High Temperature resistance
FA-888 Specifications
Product Size: 470*470*163mm
Shell Material: ABS Plastic
Cover Material: Double Polyester Taffeta, 98% UV blocking
Working Temperature: -10℃~70 ℃ 
Storage temperature: -30℃~75 ℃
Charge Voltage: AC100-240V/1.0A, suitable for world wide
Battery: DC12V/9000mAh Li-ion Polymer battery, can use 90 times if charged by one time
Function: UV protection/waterproof/sunscreen/snow defence /dustproof
Available Color: White/Gold/Silver
Package Size: 530*520*170mm
Different Cover Size for Different Cars:
3XXL cover size is 5.3*2.2*1.5M
3XL cover size is 4.9*1.8*1.5M
3L cover Size is 4.7*1.75*1.5M
3M cover Size is 4.5* 1.75*1.5M
3S cover Size is 4.15*1.7*1.5M
2XXL cover Size is 5.2*1.85*1.75M
2XL cover Size is 4.8*1.8*1.6M

Welcome to see video about FA-888:

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